What makes a blooming great billboard?

OVO Energy's new 3D billboard in Bristol

OVO Energy’s new 3D billboard in Bristol

Doing something for the first time is always a little daunting, but with the right team and the right attitude anything is possible. We recently created our first 3D billboard for OVO Energy, right in the centre of Bristol. Hannah Bowers, Project Manager shares her experience of being able to work on such an exciting project:

When OVO Energy came to us about expanding their Customer Service Advisor team it was a real opportunity to do something a little different. We needed to create a campaign which effectively delivered this message to their target audiences, and we were lucky to be working with such a fantastic client who encouraged us to think creatively and were open to some really off the wall ideas.

We knew the Temple Gate site would be a fantastic location, providing a high impact platform to reach commuters as they enter the city by train, on foot or by car. It’s also right next door to the OVO office, and so simultaneously raises awareness of the recruitment drive amongst current employees.

The project wasn’t without its challenges though. As this billboard forms part of a wider recruitment campaign, time was really of the essence. From the briefing stage, through to concept development, approvals and execution, we were always working towards a set installation date. Despite being under pressure to deliver quickly, everyone pulled together (the client, creative team and our fantastic suppliers) to produce a finished product we are all really proud of.

Now that's a blooming great billboard

Now that’s a blooming great billboard!

This was a truly collaborative project, where a strong understanding of the OVO brand enabled our team to work quickly and effectively to meet tight deadlines. And a short project plan didn’t deter us from exploring new and interesting ideas during the development of this campaign.

And then seeing the billboard come to life was just brilliant! There’s always a little apprehension up until the point you see the finished article live, but we’re all so pleased with the result. It’s a really striking piece of creative, delivering a clear and compelling recruitment message which is both attractive and reflective of the OVO brand.

It’s been a real first for everyone working on this project and the campaign has been a real pleasure to work on. We were all very excited to see it go live. And personally, this was a great opportunity for me to take on a challenge and broaden my skills.

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