We’ve recently welcomed three new Junior Creatives to the ThirtyThree Bristol Studio; Shaun, Rachel and Toni. We got them together to give us the low-down on life in the Creative team and find out how they’re settling in.

What attracted you to ThirtyThree? And what were you doing before you joined us?

Shaun: The people, the environment, the clientèle and the amazing office… everything, really! Before I joined I was working for a pensions consultancy alongside another designer, producing a variety of work for both print and digital.

Toni: When I finished my Creative Writing degree last summer, I started working for a very well-known soap and smellies store as a Sales Assistant. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in writing, but was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Then it did… and here I am!

Rachel: I actually relocated from the Isle of Wight to join ThirtyThree! The opportunity to move to Bristol and work for an agency like ThirtyThree was almost too good to be true. It’s a great location and the dynamic working environment is just was I was looking for.

What does your role involve?

Shaun:  From creating assets for a range of clients to developing concepts for small projects, I get involved in a variety of work. As well as working to existing brand guidelines, I also have the freedom to think creatively as I explore briefs.

Toni: As Junior Copywriter, my work varies day-to-day, but so far I’ve worked on radio scripts, blogs and microsite copy. Although I’m based in the Bristol office, I actually mostly write copy for our London clients – working across the company like this is great for building my experience.

Rachel: As a Junior Designer, every day is different and it can be pretty fast paced with short turnarounds – but there are also times where I can really immerse myself in design. My role involves more than just executing visuals – I’m always thinking ahead to future concepts and considering how to decide on appropriate collateral design for a client.

It’s notoriously pretty tough to get your foot in the door of the Creative industry – what advice would you give to someone hoping to land themselves a job here?

Shaun: I would say be persistent, and don’t get down hearted if you are not successful the first time around. When applying for the job make sure you read the job description and tailor your portfolio to the specific requirements.

Toni: Do your research, be honest about your experience and aspirations, and never settle. Present your best and true self from day one – from the moment you apply. ThirtyThree is all about the people that work here, and by showcasing your unique talents and what you can contribute, you’ll fit right in.

Rachel: In terms of advice for getting your foot in the door in general, be confident in your capabilities, keep applying, and try your hand at an internship – even an unpaid one! As for ThirtyThree, being yourself here goes a long way. It’s a strong team of friendly, motivated and valuable people – it really is a great place to work.

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?

Shaun: Getting to know the team better and having the opportunity to produce work for a wide range of prestigious clients.

Toni: Jumping on the train and visiting London to really get to know the team and understand how everything works there; learning more about our clients – and writing copy for new ones; making sure that every piece of copy I produce is better than the last.

Rachel: Getting more and more integrated into projects so I can see broader jobs through from start to finish.

What’s your favourite thing about Bristol?

Shaun: Bristol has a certain buzz about it – there’s always something going on. Our office is great, too. There’s a pub downstairs which is very convenient…

Toni: Bristol feels like the love child of London and Liverpool – perfect!

Rachel: I come from the Isle of Wight… as you can imagine, it’s not so lively down there! I like that there’s a lot going on in Bristol but it has the right balance of not being overly city-like in it’s surrounding areas- it’s a really good medium.

Where’s best for lunch on North Street?

Shaun: I’m quite new to this area, but I would recommend The Lounge – the poached eggs with salmon are amazing!

Toni: Fishminster – if you’re as big a fan of scampi as I am.

Rachel: Tin Can is great, and there are a good few more independent places further down like Earthcake which I’m a huge fan of! You can always rely on Southville deli, too, which is right next to the studio.

How would you describe ThirtyThree in three words?

Shaun: Vibrant. Creative. Friendly.

Toni: Buzzing, fun and engaging.

Rachel: Social, lively and productive.

If you like the sound of working in our dynamic, creative environment, why not check out our current opportunities? We might have just what you’re looking for.