Five things the US election can teach us about employer branding

No matter what your views on the US presidential election might be, there are undoubtedly some lessons we can learn from the candidates when it comes to employer branding. Stick with me, this will make sense I promise. Political leaders aren’t simply politicians – they are masters of branding. And here’s why.

Be real


Trump’s hair, or rather, what it’s covering, is often focused on in the media. So our first lesson is don’t be like Trump (like we needed to tell you that!), be transparent and maintain your authenticity. Likewise, Clinton has come under fire for sounding scripted. Your employer brand needs to be real. It needs to be credible. It needs to come straight from the heart. Otherwise you risk sounding unauthentic and disingenuous.

Keep it simple


If we’ve learnt anything from the US election, it’s that you need to have the courage to say and do something bold. Stand your ground, keep your speech simple, avoid corporate speak and – hopefully – your candidates will relish in the simplicity of it all. Get your message across and job seekers will understand you and that will improve your recruitment and retention.

Never miss an opportunity


You’re always on stage – and Trump knows that better than anyone. He never misses a chance to be quoted because it means the media will help him spread his message. Don’t make the mistake of sitting back, be proactive and take every opportunity to blog or be quoted in the media – whatever it takes to push your employer brand out there.

Remember your target audience


To win the votes, Trump has tried to get everyone on his side. This has meant he’s ended up going back on himself numerous times and saying he didn’t say certain things when he did. From guns to LGBT rights, he manages to directly contradict himself on what seems like a daily basis. What can we learn from this? It’s much better to know your strengths and your audience, focusing on a consistent and believable message.

Stay cool


You think Trump, you think risky, reckless – you never quite know what he might say next. Can you imagine how Trump would react to the email scandal? He’d lose it. How did Clinton react? She kept her cool. She kept her reputation in tact – mostly. And that’s the best way to win over your prospective and current employees, too.


Let’s make employer branding great again.