A new Facebook Page design is slowly being rolled out, have you seen it yet?


We were up for a surprise this morning while managing our Pages: Facebook has once again started to push an update to the design of Company Pages without notice. Although we discovered that one team member already had the new design for nearly a week, some of us were still stuck on the old one. So will it be a global rollout, or is Facebook testing it on some of us before moving forward with it? No official words coming from Facebook yet, so we wanted to take you through the differences:


What are the differences?

  • The Company Page profile picture isn’t indented into the Cover Photo any more, but instead is placed on the left hand side in a fixed column. This means that while scrolling down your Page Timeline, the Company Page profile picture will stay visible at all times!
  • That new left hand side column also includes in the new design all your previous tabs to navigate through the various components of your Page, replacing the live insights and other previous options. It has an easier on the eyes feel to it.
  • As the Page profile picture has been moved and isn’t covering part of the bottom left corner of the Cover Photo, it means you now get a lot more real estate to fully utilise it. You might have to review your current assets as there was a tendency to push text to the right to counter balance the profile picture. You can now centre the text on your assets and even make it bigger!
  • The right end column of ‘This Week’ insights has now disappeared totally – Weekly Insights are now displayed at the very top of your timeline and are appearing bolder, although simplified. The new design now displays three main insights: Post Reach, Website Clicks and Contact Us.
  • Your business details, Page Likes and Response Time have now moved left to right but are staying similar in terms of content.
  • Also of note, the right side ads on Pages have been entirely removed from the brand Pages, which can be explained by the questionable performance of those side ads. The focus would then move to more engaging news feed ads.

So what are we making of it? From a creative point of view, the Cover Picture is now fully usable and allows organisations to present bigger and bolder design choices (or text inclusion). We also really like the left hand column which stays fixed, always displaying the Profile Picture, but also enabling you to have full access to all your tabs at all times. The insights’ simplification isn’t necessarily a bad thing either – to be fair to Facebook, if you want to get Insights, you will most likely end up in the Insights section rather than looking at the limited info that was given in the previous design. Less is more!

Now let’s see if this is actually rolled out globally, but in the meantime, if you have experienced the new design what are your thoughts on it?