Five things I’m taking away from my internship (other than pens…)



There has been so much to see, do and learn during my four months here. As a brilliant agency with a distinctive personality, I can’t imagine anywhere better to learn the ropes – and with such genuine, lovely people supporting me. Here are the top five things I’ll be taking away from my internship with ThirtyThree.

It takes a lot of effort to look effortless

No matter the size of the task, everyone involved has to understand the client, the audience, and what is already going on with similar work. I remember hearing that “simply good enough is not good enough.” And striving for perfection is reflected across the agency. Everyone here puts in the time to grow and develop their ideas or craft, from good copy to beautiful design to building client relationships.

Everything relies on good collaboration

Working together makes the world go round. Clear communication, having everyone on the same page, and staying updated have proven so important. I’ve learned to speak up if something isn’t clear and really listen to ideas and feedback. Not everyone will agree on everything, and some ideas won’t necessarily be used – but that’s all part of the process.

There’s no magic formula for perfect copywriting

Of course, there are tips and pointers and guiding lines. Solid advice and constructive feedback. But there’s no sprinkle of magic writer dust. Every writer and every client is different, and each piece of work is, too. What works for a legal firm isn’t necessarily going to work for a campaign for Care Workers. The fun has been in figuring it all out, and getting to grips with such an amazing variety of work.
Ask the questions. All of them. Yep, even that silly one.

It’s better to have double check what you know, than to play guessing games or miss a key point. There’s something to learn in every answered question. Yes, that includes asking someone ‘So what do you do here?’ on my second day….and finding out he’s only, you know, the Head of Agency.  Ha. I’ve gained more confidence to ask what needs to be asked, and not feel embarrassed. After all, it’s made me better at my job and no-one has ever left me feeling silly for asking.

There’s more to learn outside of your comfort zone

Growing from feeling so anxious interviewing someone on the phone, to becoming relaxed when interviewing 14 people face-to-face in a single day, is an incredible feeling. I was encouraged on so many occasions to push myself, while knowing that I had the support behind me if I needed it. My confidence has increased as a result. I’m so glad for those pushes, because I was then able to take on more responsibility, larger scale tasks, and even the opportunity to visit York. Even if Adam did make me listen to Smooth FM for the whole four hours.


So to sum it all up – thank you, ThirtyThree. I’m glad I came on board and had the chance to learn so much, and I’m really going to miss you guys. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back. (Again.) Watch this space.


Antonia ‘Toni’ Quinn.