5 things you didn’t know you could use a RAD award for

This is Rod, the RAD.


We scooped him up last week at the RAD awards where we won the Best Graduate Campaign category for our hard work on AXA’s Great Global Adventure – a huge project for us here in the Bristol office.

Raising awareness of AXA as a worldwide graduate employer, we created a web-based treasure hunt-style game, where players competed to win an all-expenses-paid trip around the world. And we’re currently busy working on the second instalment of the game, which is shaping up to be even bigger, better and more award-winning than the first.

Obviously, we’re delighted. And Rod’s a great addition to our already extensive collection of awards. But because we’re running out of room on our shelves, we thought we’d see what else we can use him for. And it turns out he’s more versatile than you’d think.


  1. Rod doubles up as a great pair of specs



2. He’s perfect for mirror selfies


3. He makes a great mini-bar for our celebratory drinks



4. Who needs the gym when you’ve got Rod the RAD?


5. Rod used to be a bouncer, so he’s a great bodyguard for our other RADs