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Credit: Impact Instruction

November is National Inspirational Role Models Month. In the spirit of the occasion, we thought it’d be interesting to find out who the role models are for some of our team at ThirtyThree, and how they inspire their work and career. From family to football managers, it’s a pretty mixed bag…

Entrepreneurs and empowerment

Sian Wadsworth chose Aubrey Sabala and Willo O’Brien, two professional women in the creative world.

Aubrey is a Marketing & Communications consultant in the States, clocking in time with Google, Digg, and AOL amongst others. For Sian, she’s an aspirational role model that can be related to because of her openness about life and her feelings, and her persistence in the way she approaches things. Sian says, “Aubrey is really passionate about work and inspires me to go after my dreams, no matter what they are.”

Sian’s second choice, Willo O’Brien, has built her social presence around inspiring others, so it’s no wonder she’s a great choice. As someone who uses creativity to helps others feel better about themselves, she’s a lovely person to follow. “Willo is the kind of person I aspire to be like personally – searching for their goals, working towards the greater good, helping others, and not being scared to live life how you want to” says Sian.

Passion, honesty, helping others, going for what you want – all ideas we can get behind.

The golden game

For Mark Beavan and Adam Lane, they take inspiration from two different but successful football managers, Brian Clough and Arsene Wenger.

Mark chose Brian because “his personality, vision and ability to inspire” brought two small football teams from the bottom to the top, no small feat. So what has Mark taken from Brian’s success? The proof that “with the right talented people in place, a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and a heightened sense of self-belief, you can achieve very, very, very good things.”

Sounds like a brilliant recipe to success.

Arsene is Adam’s inspiration because, rather than just purchasing experienced talent, Arsene will take the time to bring in young talented players and develop their skills, and the capabilities of the team. “I think it’s important to fully utilise new ways of thinking…it can become easy to approach things in the same way each time,” says Adam, “By making the most of new talent, it can help us to think and do things in a different way – sometimes more efficiently.”

It’s safe to say we agree with this talent-investing at ThirtyThree.

Mum’s the word

Mike Perry and Candi Williams found inspiration much closer to home – their mums. Such a beautifully classic choice, there’s no need to justify why for this one…but we asked anyway.

Both Mike and Candi admire the resilience and determination of their mothers, especially during the difficult times. For Mike, his mum has “never given up and never settled for something that wasn’t right for her”, teaching him that your career is exactly what you make of it and that, if you’re not happy, you can change it whenever you want. Candi learned that “the most important things in life aren’t really things, and how you treat people counts for everything.” Her mum has inspired her to face every challenge with strength, determination and a smile – a winning combo.

Well, Mum does always know best.