Don’t call it a comeback: hello (again) Toni!


After spending time with us last year, graduate Toni has recently returned for a longer stint as our new Copywriter Intern. We catch up with her to see how she’s settling in so far.

So what attracted you to the internship?
My work experience here in 2014 gave me insight into the agency and the industry overall. I took a lot from it, perhaps most significantly the clarification that copywriting, and the branding/advertising industry generally, was the career path I wanted to explore.

I already had ThirtyThree in my sights, so applying for the internship was a no-brainer. I had a whirlwind two weeks between applying, interviewing, and the relief of receiving the offer. Next thing I knew, I had packed up in Plymouth and was back in Bristol, ready for my first day.

What did your first few days look like?
I met everyone in the office, and was given an overview of various projects and clients from each department. It was great to see how some of the projects I helped with during my work experience turned out, like the AXA Great Global Adventure.

I got stuck in with briefs pretty much straight away. My first few days, I worked on a series of blog profiles to get a feel for the brand’s voice and learn the ropes of nailing great copy. Now I’ve worked on quite a few things – job ads, articles, HTML copy, all sorts. I’m still figuring a lot of it out, but there’s no pressure to get a piece perfect first time. I’m well supported, so I can relax and focus on doing the best I can and improving my work.

How does it match up to your expectations?
I was familiar with the office already, so I wasn’t in for many surprises about the way things are done here. But you do hear horror stories about internships. Working long hours with no support, endless tea making, and not actually working on anything worthwhile. There’s always going to be a moment of fear…

Of course ThirtyThree couldn’t be further from that. Expectations are clear and realistic – there was no pretense that I would always be on major glamorous projects. But I find smaller briefs just as interesting as big campaigns. I like receiving a job description and drawing out what makes it different.

I considered this internship to be a great opportunity to get some experience under my belt, and it’s already proving that way. Every idea is heard and respected, and your personal needs are genuinely considered. I even have tea made for me!

What’s your favourite part of ThirtyThree?
It’s all about collaboration, not competition. There’s a real sense of unity in every idea. No matter the size or scope of the campaign, Client Services, Studio, and Digital all pull together to deliver the best results. It creates a genuinely friendly atmosphere, where you can ask questions and get support from anyone, not just the people sat with you.

No-one is on a power trip here, like some places I’ve worked before. Everyone knows their role and their value. So you get on with the job at hand as equals, sharing ideas and learning from each other. Your value isn’t based on your job title or length of time in the team, but on what you bring to the table. It’s what I think makes ThirtyThree so successful.

If you’re interested in getting stuck into agency life, give us a shout and see what we have on offer.