33 facts about ThirtyThree Bristol

1 – We have a pet dinosaur 

Our very own bespoke Bristol Dinosaur mural by graffiti artist Andy Council takes pride of place on our back wall. We’re quite fond of it.


2 – We live in an old tobacco factory

We’re based in the Tobacco Factory, Southville. It’s the last remaining part of the old Imperial Tobacco site. Bristol architect and current Mayor, George Ferguson (see fact 5) saved it from demolition and transformed it into a multi-use building. It’s pretty cool.


3 – There’s a theatre downstairs

One of the country’s most respected theatre venues, Tobacco Factory Theatres hosts a diverse range of performances downstairs, from puppetry to dance and comedy. There’s always something going on.

4 – There’s a pub downstairs too

At around 1pm on a Friday, you’ll find a lot of us downstairs at the Tobacco Factory Café enjoying a cheeky lunchtime pint. It’s also great for an after work drink (or four).

5 – The Mayor lives upstairs

We often see The Mayor, George Ferguson roaming about the building in his famous red trousers. Here’s a video of him giving a tour of the Tobacco Factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgivIisc2Ew&feature=youtu.be

6 – We like to co-ordinate

Especially the digital team. They often wear the same clothes and sometimes it’s a bit awkward. Stripes and checked shirts seem to be our thing. On an average day, there are at least two of each roaming around the office. On a good day, there’s probably four.


7 – Feeling peckish?

We’re lucky to be surrounded by independent retailers who offer us an array of delicious lunchtime snacks and Friday evening booze. Don’t wander too far though, because then you’ll end up on East Street and no-one needs that.

8 – Beer o’clock

Every Friday at 4 the beer fridge is opened, much to our delight. It’s full of wine, beer and local ciders. Ideal.


9 – Gals and Guys

The office is currently the perfect split of 16 gals and 16 guys. That’s equality in the workplace.

10 – Lunchtime game of pool?

There’s a pool table in the boardroom. It’s great for sitting on when you run out of seats in a meeting.


11 – Young and Old

Jak, our current placement student is 22. John, our lovely designer is three times his age at 66. Everyone else is somewhere in-between.

12. Craft corner

Binding, boarding, card-making – is there anything you can’t do over here?


13 – Feeding table

Sometimes there are sweets. Occasionally there are biscuits. But there’s always fruit.

14 – Dan’s the only one with a fancy ergonomic chair

He got it shipped over from the London office. Seems a bit unfair, but we’re over it. Kinda.


15 – A loo with a view

Every time you go to the loo, you can have a cheeky look at Bristol’s famous landmark – Brunel’s Clifton Suspension bridge. Not bad, huh?


16 – 1145

Our collective age is 1145. Minus Andy, that is. Because no-one really knows how old he is.

17 – The stationery cupboard is… small

Surprisingly, it also lacks a fair amount of stationery. We think someone’s hiding it. But there’s always post-it notes in there, so don’t worry.

18 – Interesting reads

From advertising bibles to promotional giveaway ideas, there’s something for everyone in the ThirtyThree library. Probably.


19. Our office dog

Doesn’t exist. Yet.shutterstock_53561710

20 – There are loads of Google Cardboards lying around

Why not escape the day-to-day with some virtual reality?


21 – Outdoors, indoors

Why have a meeting in the boardroom when you could just head over to the picnic tables?


22 – We’re a mixed bunch

Gareth, Sophie A, Sarah and Lowri are all Welsh, and Sophie P’s Irish. As for Scotland,  freelance designer Adam recently wore a kilt to a wedding, so that counts. Charles is super French and our lovely Social Media Community Manager, Sian, works client-side in ‘le gay Paree’.

23 – No-one’s really sure why we’ve still got a fax machine

Although sometimes random stuff pops out of it.

24 – There’s a very strong red theme



25 – Beyoncé or Bowie?

Kisstory or Radio 6? It’s a never-ending battle.

26 – Scary paper mache lady

One day she appeared in the office and nobody’s removed her yet. Since her arrival she’s mysteriously moved around. From the bench, to the kitchen, to the most terrifying of all – the toilet.


27 – No-one knows what’s behind this door

No-one’s ever been in there. Apart from Colin and sometimes Oli.


28 – We’re very serious about recycling

Our neighbours provide waste management solutions to businesses, so obviously recycling is pretty big here. We dread to think what might happen if some cardboard accidently ends up in the glass bin one day.

29 – Water cooler

It’s slow. Really slow. In order to avoid dehydration it’s a good idea to fill up your glass 20 minutes before you think you’re going to get thirsty.


30 – Fancy a spot of golf?

Why not wind down with a spontaneous putt or two on our very own office green?

28 2

31 – Studio are the heart of the agency

It really is the place to be.


32 – Banksy used to work here

Who knows, maybe he still does.

33 – 33

The amount of cups of coffee Justin drinks in an average day week.