Projects, personality and being proactive: my placement year at ThirtyThree


As we bid farewell to our placement client co-ordinator Chantal Payne (or Chantle as she’s more lovingly known), we asked her for an insight into how she’s found her year out of student life and in the ThirtyThree Bristol office.

How would you describe your year at ThirtyThree?

Interesting, exciting and busy. I’ve really enjoyed it and been surprised at how much I’ve been able to apply the theory I’ve learned from my studies to my work. I’ve had the chance to be involved in some really interesting work, ranging from research to building a careers website and preparing large, integrated marketing campaigns using online, social media and outdoor advertising.

What have you enjoyed most?

I’ve loved having the autonomy to run campaigns, but still having support as and when I need it. I’ve been able to get involved in every aspect of a marketing campaign for a client, from the initial research stages to budget setting and producing materials, such as direct mail pieces, billboards and leaflets, right through to the final launch.

I’ve also gained great exposure to a range of other clients and projects purely from being proactive and asking to get involved (in everything!).

 What have you learned and what will you take away from your time here?

Taking on different aspects of work and being involved in as much as possible. This year I’ve demonstrated to myself that I’m capable of managing much more than I realised. I’ve also come to learn that the marketing industry is quite a social industry, with different events throughout the year – so you definitely can work hard and play hard!

For any eager pre-placement students reading, how did you find ThirtyThree and apply for your placement?

I came across ThirtyThree after doing some research on different agencies in Bristol, and found it to be somewhere which demonstrated real personality, rather than being ‘just a place to work’. ThirtyThree wasn’t actually advertising any placement opportunities at the time so I made a spontaneous enquiry and with some persistence, it paid off!

And as for life beyond ThirtyThree?

I’ll be back to University in September; working full-time for 12 months definitely makes you appreciate the student life. I want to do some more travelling and am off to Italy next month, but also hoping to visit South America and Fiji next year. In terms of life after university, I’m still deciding whether to come back to Bristol or move to London, with ThirtyThree still in my sights, of course!