One’s the Duchess of Cambridge, one’s the essence of your brand. They both have more in common than you might think.

  1. They’re both important and influential, yet look deceivingly effortless

Just like Kate, writing good copy isn’t easy. But it’s incredibly mighty. You’d be foolish to think that the increasing prominence of visual content makes copywriting even a fraction less important. Yes, everyone loves pictures and videos but at the heart of every great advertising campaign or social media platform is great written content – whether that’s an unforgettable strapline, a viral tweet or an expertly created script. Good copywriting is a craft. It’s powerful. It evokes emotion and arouses action. Be it clicking, buying or sharing, it makes people do things.

  1. They’ll boost your popularity and get you noticed

Good copywriting is to SEO what Kate is to Will: profile-raising. Despite what the interweb will try and tell/sell you, there are no super words or tricks that will magic your brand to the top of every search list. Just like Duchess K-Middy, SEO-effective copy is all about the quality. It’s not about cramming your webpages full of every keyword you can think of or crowbarring links into every sentence. It’s about well-written, engaging content that appeals to real people. That’s what will get you noticed more. That’s what will help you up the rankings. Because, as in the words of media expert Wendy Pierson: ‘Google only loves you when everyone else loves you.’

  1. You can’t help but find yourself engaged and wanting to know more

Admit it, you couldn’t resist watching the footage of Kate and Will’s wedding or having a sneaky peek of the cute pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Similarly, good copy should intrigue – especially in this digital day and age. In a world where people are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages a day, captivating, compelling copy has never been more important. It’s a fundamental tool to cutting through the clutter and grabbing your audience’s attention. From hook-in headlines and tantalising tweets to show-stopping slogans, you only have to look at click-through and engagement rates to see that clever wording matters.

So, while its hair may not  be as perma-bouncy or smile as pearly white, good copywriting is as important to your brand as Kate is to the royal fam.

Candi Williams


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