By 2020, Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce. Born sometime between the early 80s and mid-00s (nobody’s really decided specific dates), this generation is confident, surprisingly optimistic (they think they’ll be more successful than their parents) and revolutionary. Having grown up in a time of rapid change, with computers in their homes and the internet at their fingertips, the way Millennials behave and communicate is different to any generation that came before them. Their unique perspective, gained from being born into a world of digital technology and innovation has led them to want more, and want it now.

84% of millennials don’t trust traditional marketing (The McCarthy Group) – old techniques are failing because they are rooted in a context and culture that doesn’t really exist anymore. So, seeing as they’re the largest living generation, we need to adapt the way we do things to attract their talent.

How do we reach out and communicate to a bunch of tech natives raised on cat memes, selfies and 140 character chunks of information?

  1. Speak their language. Millennials don’t want to end up in restrictive, dead-end roles in stuffy work cultures. They’re looking for challenging opportunities where they are valued. So we need to communicate with empowering, personable language. If a careers site is full of awkward stock photos and dull or condescending copy, they’re guaranteed to steer clear.
  1. Seek authentic engagement. Millennials don’t know a world without technology – they are mobile and visual and are looking for employers who reflect that. Used to accessing information at the click of a button or tap of a finger, active social media accounts, mobile-friendly websites and engagement are paramount to remaining relevant to Millennials. Make sure social media accounts deliver content how millennials will want to receive it. Engage and start conversations with them, produce videos and launch contests – 62% said they’d like that.
  1. Be real and stand for something. What appeals most to Millennials is that your brand is an authentic representation of your company, its people and its ethos. Millennials are interested in more than just money – they want a good work/life balance and a sense of purpose. They want to be able to express their personal attitude towards life and their individuality at work, so being original and letting them know exactly what working at your company is all about is crucial to drawing them in.
  1. Be honest, authentic and transparent. Millennials generally mistrust company messages, especially when everyone’s saying the same thing. You need to stand out, or you’ll get lost in the cluttered media environment. Be creative and surprise them, but most importantly, be honest, or they will see straight through it.
  1. Don’t force it. Millennials want to discover brands for themselves. They trust their peers more than the media and 99% are more likely to engage with a friend’s post than a brand’s. So, creating a genuinely positive work experience that employees are likely to discuss on social media is the perfect way to attract Millennials. Incorporate employee voices into branding communications – use people stories and host employee social media takeovers – and allow them to initiate and drive messaging.

Georgia Green, Copywriter.