Meet the next generation of top female tech talent

Companies are no longer recruiting from a pool of talent that isn’t well versed on the working landscape. Around 60% of candidates participate in internships during their college career, so they have a solid understanding of company culture and what to expect. Talent like this also understands that they are in demand.

Did digital kill traditional media?

Technology has made the dream campaign possible, but simply choosing digital over traditional media won’t guarantee you success. Research, strategy and brand awareness all play a role in ensuring the effectiveness of a campaign. And, believe it or not, traditional media ties in to this, too.

Better employer branding is in sight

It’s fair to say that strategic research is always a good idea. Executed well, it brings wisdom to light far beyond its remit and boasts a long shelf life. It guides informed decisions, builds trust throughout the business and helps to bring better, bolder answers to your challenges. Logic leads to magic, after all. But how often are you using outdated insight as the foundation for your planning?

Podcast: the evolution of campus recruitment, with Nicole Dorskind

What's hot and what's not in terms of campus recruitment? Today we'll find out, with the expertise of Nicole Dorskind, who is leading the ThirtyThree business in North America.

Campus recruitment: a fresh approach

There’s no doubt that the talent landscape is evolving. So organizations must adjust their recruitment strategies to attract, hire and retain these new candidates – or get left behind. This requires an in-depth understanding of a new audience, and means more than just ramping up marketing efforts.